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This is the official Easter Holidays Quiz you can share with all your friends with special Easter Greeting! We arranged some eggs around a mirror and tell you now how many eggs you can find!? You are not quite sure? Hint: Try to count the eggs by their colours and you will find out that the correct answer is 9!


And now you should find the names of the following foods:


Our foods quiz 1: Apple, Banana, Curry, Date, Egg, Fish, Ginger, Honey, Ice Cream, Jam, Mango, Noodles, Orange. And we go on here:


Our foods quiz 2: Pepper, Quark, Rice, Salt, Tomato, Unpasteurized Milk, Vanilla, Water, XXL-Burger, Yorkshire Pudding, Zucchini

Joke of the week:


“Why is it that your nose runs, but your feet smell?”

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