“Stand Together” – 2 DJ- Brothers Caught By Music

Just in May 2020 the 2 producers launched the Downtempo-Chillout track “Morning Love” interpreted by the upcoming Austro-Scottish 21 years of age pop star Fiona Reid.
You can discover this emotional track among the others on their official playlist:

With their tropical home anthem „Where’s Your Love” DJ- & Producer Duo Copamore provided the sound of the summertime 2016 – a track that has actually quickly gone viral (more than 150.000 Views on YouTube) and landed a surprise resurgence in 2016 after a break of more than 15 years! From this time on the 2 music producers have actually been launching a great deal of tracks that have actually reached leading charts positions all around the world.

Their recent hit tune „Stand together” is a rousing Reggaeton track that is really favorable from its message of „uniformity and relationship”, which integrates party environment with the unwinded environment of a cool mojito delighted in on the beach. „Stand together” is performed by the American „Soosmooth”, who like with „ Como se baila” or „Breeze”, provides the tune an unique character with his special singing tone. Soosmooth’s method of working is extremely instant – he executes Copamore’s singing concepts and texts in a couple of takes extremely spontaneously, intuitively and completely to the point.

Given that 2016 Copamore have actually had provided „Friends, We Are Coming”, „Where’s Your Love”, „Como Se Baila” and „Breeze” together with Febration and the cooperation „ Here I Am” together with the Romanian hit producer Sean Norvis, at least 1 or 2 summertime titles every year, which are extremely well gotten on all streaming platforms. Really, „ Stand together” need to have been launched and promoted in the course of the huge football occasions of this year – the „ Euro 2020″, the „Copa America” and the „Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers” – given that these occasions were canceled at least for this year, Copamore have actually chosen to bring the release of the title forward and to put the message „Stand together” in the focus.

What Copamore were sorry about is the fact that the release party might not occur in the normal type due to the existing Corona safety measures. Michael in specific, who has actually been residing in Mattighofen considering that 2016, would have been extremely delighted to satisfy the Salzburg neighborhood once again throughout the discussion. Copamore provided the complete length of the track in the kind of a live stream premier for their closer pals on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/copamore on March 27 2020.

Inadequate of an advantage, Copamore will amaze us with a reggae edit from “Stand Together” in the summertime of 2020. And prior to Christmas the album is coming!

Find out more on: http://www.copamore.com