Structure & Overview

Structure & Overview:

Before you start studying, provide yourself with a summary of the complete contents! Then divide the contents up into parts. Set realistic aims (stages) and check over and over, whether you have reached them in the time you planned. Don´t lose sight of the real aim (= a safe preparation of the examination/test)! Don´t try to learn new contents the day before the examination. Rather, remind yourself that you are well prepared, because you have adhered to your studying plan! Take breaks: Don´t study during the day but pay attention to taking breaks inbetween studying. Never study longer than 50 minutes straight, otherwise you will overexert yourself! Reward yourself with movement, fresh air, and healthy snacks, meals and drinks during your short, studying breaks (see below)! At first, begin with the easy subjects, so that you can warm yourself up and prepare for the more difficult tasks!

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